Get website project gigs free email notification from craigslist in three simple steps

Craigslist is an amazing platform. I see a lot of possibilities for things that we can benefit from I work on craigslist to earn from good amount out of side projects.

Craigslist provides tons of opportunities for people to connect and benefit from the platform. As an IT sales professional my job is to look for projects on websites and IT related services. I use several platforms to generate leads for website development from LinkedIn, Upwork, Guru, Social media platform, Meetup, etc.

After working on craigslist to find website development project leads for almost 6 months, I got across a lot of leads and success getting small website projects. This may not be helpful for many large digital agencies and software companies.

Craigslist has two segments for hunting extra work; Jobs & gigs. While gigs are largely meant for freelance and part-time work, some people also post and find leads from Jobs segments too. The client sometime uses both interchangeably.

How to get website project leads from Craigslist? How to get free craigslist email notification of website or related post by employer?

Before you start searching for website projects, you will need to have a craigslist account. Setting up an account gives you a way to set up email notification for getting inbound emails from craigslist for posts by clients or employers. To learn about how to create an account on craigslist, please see my post How to create an account with Craigslist.

After you create an account on, follow the steps below to set up inbound email notification for website projects –

Step 1: Decide the niche area and your search criteria

You will need to decide from what city, state you want to receive notifications of website project post. Let’s say I want to search website gigs in Richmond, Virginia.

Step 2: Search your criteria on

After you login you will see dashboard of the city you live in. You can continue from here or if you want to get notification from some other region, you will need to get to that area or city craigslist page.

To do this, select a state from extreme right corner of your craigslist page. Follow the steps below to select your region:

Cl worldwide >> Americas >> united states

Select a city, area to set email notification for your search criteria. I selected Richmond here. You will see Richmond’s city craigslist page. (note: if you want to set email notifications from your city, that you can skip the above steps and start directly from here).

You will see jobs and gigs section which lists down type of different post categories. Out of all we will concentrate on computer under gigs and web / info design under jobs section.

Click on computer under gigs to get list of classified posts from people of city of Richmond. Enter your search criteria, I entered website, as I am interested to see post from people seeking website development help, and enter. You can use the filters on the left bar of the page to narrow down your search.

Step 3: Save your search

Click on “save search” button to confirm your email alert.

This will take you to alert or searches page (image below) where you can see all your saved search and alerts.

Your search is saved and do not forget to activate your email notification by checking alert option.

You have now successfully set up your email alert. Get email for every new post that falls under your search criteria. Set up multiple search alerts using different keywords, and for different area as well.

Whether you are looking for a job, real-estate posting, writing gigs, creative gigs, etc., you can use the steps above and set up your searches to get instant free email notification from craigslist. You will notification directly on your email which is registered with your craigslist account. Be the first one to respond on the post to get employers attention.

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