How to Convert PDF to Word Without Using any Converter.

This will be the simplest hack that you will learn to convert pdf to word. Have you ever thought converting a pdf to word without using any pdf converter or an online application? This fast, easy, and free hack will let you convert a PDF to editable word document.

Did you know the easiest way to convert pdf to word is simply opening the pdf file as a word document?

Let me show you how to open a pdf as word document in simple easy steps below:

Right Click the pdf file and hover your mouse on “open with” and click on option “Choose another app”

When you click on “Choose another app” option, you will get following screen

Click more apps to see the various options and select “Word” option.

That is it. You can open or convert any pdf in word document except the pdf file scanned as images or developed from multiple images.

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