The Most Popular Content Management Systems Used for Arizona State County Websites

This is my second installment of analyzing the Content Management System (CMS) used for developing counties website. The above chart shows share of content management system used for designing and developing Arizona State Counties website in a tableau chart. See my first installment of analyzing CMS used for Alabama County websites. The chart shows the CMS used for each county’s website. For identifying website CMS I utilized different tools including Wappalyzer, Builtwith, IsItWP, WhatCMS, WPThemeDetector, and Gochyu – Theme Detector.


  • The Arizona State County websites are using 9 different known website CMS platforms.
  • 60% of Arizona State County website chose a Proprietary CMS platform over an open source solution.
  • CivicEngage CMS platform by CivicPlus is the most popular CMS used for developing County websites in the State of Arizona.
  • Although the number of Counties in Arizona State are less, each County has a website and I think that is great!

Open Source Vs. Proprietary CMS

% of adoption

In conclusion, the Arizona State Counties preferred proprietary CMS over Open Source technologies to power their websites.

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